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It is difficult to name all the aspects of western culture the Greeks have influenced and shaped. Ranging from painting to music, from architecture to politics, the Greek civilization left a profound mark on the western world.

As the birthplace of democracy, ancient Greeks are the ones that introduced the concepts of rule of law, government by the people and equality under law into the foundations of law in the west. Many other fields were also majorly influenced by the Greeks: biology, geometry, history, philosophy, physics, music and literature.


In terms of science, many scientific terms come directly from the Greek language, terms like anthropology (science of man), chromatography (from Chroma – color), dermatology, atom and electron, and many more. In architecture, the classical and neoclassical styles are the direct descendants of Greek architectural achievements. In philosophy, Greeks basically established the whole scientific discipline: who today has not heard of Socrates, Plato and Aristoteles? The Greeks also introduced many breakthroughs in the military: the phalanx formation, phalanx warfare, the Greek fire and so on.

discus manArt is heavily in debt to the achievement of ancient Greece, including painting, sculpture, music and theatre. The most famous sculptor of ancient Greece was Phidias, creator of many famous statues like Zeus of the Olympia, Athena Promachos and the Frieze of the Parthenon. Other famous contemporaries were Praxiteles and Lysistratus. Greek music and musical instruments also played a great part in the development of classical music of Europe. Theatre was maybe the most developed art form in ancient Greece: the foundations laid by Aeschylus and Sophocles are the basis of modern theatre. Comedy and tragedy are, not to be amazed, Greek words as well.

Modern Greece also played a major part in the history of the world. Greek culture and cuisine have spread around the world, together with Greek emigration, seeking refuge and better life all over the world. Today, everybody is fond of Greek feta cheese, good olive oil and a taste of ouzo. Greeks are also very fond of lamb, different kinds of fish, and all kinds of dairy products, from yoghurt to aged cheese. Some Greek terms have come into everyday use, in terms of gastronomy: meze, yoghurt, pita, gyros and several others.

Greek companies that have played a major part in the economic system of Europe are Alpha, Piraeus and Euro bank banks, Titan Cement Company, Coca Cola Hellenic bottling company, OPAP, Hellenic Petroleum. The Greek economic system lies mainly in the financial sector, with several food and beverage production, shipbuilding, cement industry and a roofing company with great reputation.

Greek culture today is spread all around the world, woven into the foundations of modern day science and art. Greek language is also spoken all over the world, wherever there is a significant Greek minority and many words in everyday use today come from Greek, just like Latin, as the other major sculptor of modern European languages. Greek culture today is recognized as a major influence on many other cultures of Europe and of the world.

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